Using WordPress to tell the story behind your business

What do you think your website is for? To Sell Stuff? Harvest Leads? Convert Customers? Win Business?

It doesn’t matter. You’ll achieve none of these unless your customer knows your story – and believes it.

Your story is more than the tale of how you came to market, it is everything you have to offer the customer.

It is every single blog post and emailed reply to a customer seeking a bit more help. All your social media posts and miles driven as you hunt for work.

The more you can involve your target audience in your story the deeper their relationship with you and your brand becomes.

We know how good WordPress is for marketing and blogging but the platform also excels at helping solve all the usual business problems.

And for you, the person trying make a business work, this is the real magic – doing more work, in one place, with much less time and effort.

Using a well set up WordPress installation can help business people in all sorts of sectors achieve marketing and sales goals. It can also manage stock, staff and suppliers as well as help you communicate with customers and delight clients.

When thinking about your WordPress Website, think about ALL of the challenges your business faces as it tries to reach customers and satisfy orders. Then use your website to solve these challenges.

The more you use your website as the central hub of your work, the more your customers are steeped in your brand and ultimately, your story.

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