What is David working on now?

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Tunneling hard on Client Work.

I’ve a few WordPress builds going on. My retained clients are doing well and prospects are plentiful. Business is good, and I am grateful.

Producing Video Content for DHWP

After 8 years, I finally started marketing my business using video. I produced a 6 min video about making web pages more readable.

Practicing Manual Focussing

I’m a keen photographer, at the moment I’m using my Dads Nikkor 50mm 1.8 AI which is a manually focussed lens, meaning I have to study the image closely to ensure the areas I want the viewer to look at are acceptably sharp to the eye. It’s tricky, even with all the gadgets my fancy modern camera has to help. The biggest challenge to this is finding the time to escape to the wilds to practice.

Beavering away at davidhoy.photography

This is a real labour of love and it’s nearly finished. An amalgamation of everything I have learned about Online Marketing, Website Construction and Photography.

Learning how to play drum kit (again)

In a flight of whimsy, I bought a drum kit. Nothing fancy, just a wee beginner kit to start knocking the rust off my chops. I used to play a lot and it made me feel good. Now, I’m at the point in my life where it’s really important to seek out the things that make me feel good.