What is Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the ‘Umbrella Term’ for an integrated web based digital marketing campaign.

It covers your website, email, social, digital advertising and ultimately improves your visibility in both Google and the Social Networks.

The essence is taking your story & telling it as well as you can afford to.

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Content Marketing is the buzzword used to describe the growing trend of basing your marketing strategies around the production of online content (Copy, Pictures, Video, etc)

This content will provide information about your product or service in a way that engages with your target audience, by being relevant and also useful.

The beauty of content marketing is that it concentrates on the old marketing stalwarts of PR, Design and really good Copy.

Content can take many different forms as we will see in later posts, but the key to it all is crafting a message about your business that resonates with your target audiences.

Find your story, and the way to best tell it to those enabled to buy your product. This has always been the core of marketing. The new tricks are only where we can spread our message and how well we can track it.