Video Marketing for Brands

Branded Video simply refers to any video content you’ve been able to slap a logo on and with that in mind, the days of video being expensive and difficult are long over.

The YouTube age has shown us that we can film our content on pretty much anything as long as the subject is well lit and the sound is good.

This has opened the door to product reviews being shot on everything from iPhones to Android Tablets.

Video is perfect content for the web as you can convey your message in a very short space of time with little input from the viewer – ideal for this internet age where no one wants to read any more! With our SEO hats on, Video is also one the key factors Google looks for when making the decision about “is this a quality site for my users?”

It’s easy to create branded video using the software that came free with you PC some stock photography and slides created in PowerPoint.

Another type of video content that is very useful for marketing is Testimonials.

Simply ask every customer the same 3 questions and ask them to look bang into your phones camera whilst answering a few simple questions.

This way you will ensure a consistent, and by extension more trustworthy series.