Integrating your website with your Content Marketing Strategy

With so much research having been performed into website usability and web / human interactions in general there is now very little chance that you will achieve your marketing aims through simply having a beautiful website.

Why then do we see so much money poured into “website creation” ?

Your website will either simply a be a brochure pointing web enquiries to your phone or the hub of your content marketing efforts.

It needs to be clear and this requires simplicity.

Keep your website clear and your blog busy!

Most importantly when thinking about how much you can spend on your site remember it is useless without traffic, spend more on your first 3 months of traffic generation than your sites total build cost – using this simple formula puts a lot of website creation quotes into perspective!

Here at David Hoy WP we find that simple, fast, mobile responsive websites convert well. By doing away with busy layouts and diffuse user flows we not only make things easier for the site visitor, we also save on development costs 🙂

These days even the most complex, high volume online retailing or e commerce demands can be met with off the shelf solutions. Don’t pay to re-invent the wheel.