Filling Your Sales Funnel With Webinars

Webinars are live presentations delivered over the web.

These are a great way to again establish yourself as an expert in your field.

They work well when you have a strong email marketing list.

Host a monthly webinar, whereby up to 15 people can log into the presentation and ask you questions.

These are brilliant for 2 things: Discovering all the objections your targets are likely to use in a face to face meeting and also hearing how your solutions to these objections fare in the real world.

Also key here is in having a good presentation; In – Depth but not to long, Visually appealing, but also clear and simple.
If budget allows a copywriter and Graphic Designer will be of massive help here.

For a quick campaign aimed at low hanging fruit , find the right firms, email them (next level: Write a Letter) and invite them to select from a series of webinar dates and times for advice on the challenges your solution solves.

This is a much softer approach than directly asking for a face to face appointment, yet will open the door to a good few leads.