Boosting Sales with a White Paper

White Papers are lengthy documents written in an executive style and work best when describing how to use your product or service to solve your customers problem.

The key to a good white paper is an authoritative tone and solid research to back up your argument.

I like to use them when competing for technical business, no one like to listen to a know it all drone on, yet when buying these days it’s basic diligence to check the seller knows their stuff. By providing a white paper you can professionally convey your excellence.

Back in the day these were solely the preserve of multi national mega corps, now anyone with a spell checker, a few Google search operators and some gumption can produce a white paper that serves their customers, and builds better sales.

For your source material Pay a Proper research firm like Millward Brown or Answer the 5 W’s about your customer and the urgent issue you are about to fix. Get stuck in with some help from Hubspot.

Take a scroll through the results below to see some recent examples