What I do

David Hoy WP exists to design powerful websites for selected businesses.

Based in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim I help firms all over the UK and Ireland.

COVID-19 SERVICE UPDATE as of March 19th 2020

We are all in this together. My role in this crisis is as a Father first and then my responsibilities lie with my core contract clients who are all in sectors of high demand at this time.
To this end I am trying my best to keep up my 3 kids education at home and also doubling down on the operational support I provide through my custom platforms.
I cannot accept any new business or work at this time.


  • Hosting Rates Relief: Current customers in hard hit industries have already had a COVID – 19 discount automatically applied to their upcoming hosting bills, this applies throughout 2020.
  • If you are not in retail or hospitality then to apply for the discount, please email me. I ask you to think before doing this, as I also am seeing a downturn and increased cost pressures but will help when asked, no questions.
  • UPCOMING – A few training courses in using WordPress to allow some displaced workers reskill in what is proving to be a resilient industry.

I expect BAU to resume towards May, but will review at that point.

Stay kind, keep safe, and please do call me with any questions.