What we do

David Hoy WP exists to design powerful websites to drive serious business.

Based in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim I help firms all over Ireland and the UK who want an easy to use website that can grow with their needs.

I help retail business’s move safely online feeling totally in control of their E Commerce.

I help business owners like you who are fed up watching highly paid staff do repetitive work that could easily be automated.

I help teams of workers communicate in real-time across the globe through easy to use totally private apps.


Integrating your website with your Content Marketing Strategy

With so much research having been performed into website usability and web / human interactions in general there is now very little chance that you will achieve your marketing aims through simply having a beautiful website. Why then do we see so much money poured into “website creation” ? Your website will either simply a …


I’m based between Coleraine and Ballymoney but serve customers all over Ireland and the UK.


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